Knitting Fundamentals: How to do a Knit Stitch

The knit stitch is one of the most basic and simple stitches you’ll learn. Let’s give it a go!


  • Knitting needles.
  • Yarn (ake sure the weight of your yarn corresponds with the size of your knitting needles)

1. Cast On

Every knitting project starts with the simple step of casting onto your needle. In case you’re new to this whole knitting thing, that’s just a fancy way of saying, “put the yarn on the needle”. The number of stitches that you should cast-on usually depends on the pattern that you’re following. However, for this tutorial, I’m going to be working with ten cast-on stitches.

If you’re not quite sure how casting-on works, go ahead and check out our How to Cast-on tutorial, and then come on back and check out the next step.

2. Start Knitting

There are many different kinds of stitches involved in knitting, but one of the most basic stitches is the knit stitch. This is often the first stitch that new knitters learn, and for that reason it is also a stitch that is very prominent in beginner knitting patters. Check out the video below and start mastering the knit stitch!

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Learning the knit stitch is a huge step for those who want to adopt the title, “knitter”. For those of you who are already master knitters, you may remember the nervousness that was associated with your first few knit stitches. You may have asked yourself questions like, “What if it’s too hard?”, “What if I can’t do it”, and “What if my stitches are always this crooked and wonky?”

For all of you new knitters out there, while the knit stitch does take some time and practice to master, I promise it will be worth it! Each expert knitter started with one (likely crooked and loose) knit stitch, a first (likely crazed-looking) project, and kept on going and getting better with practice.

So feel free to share your first knitting experiences, any and all knitting advice for beginners, and even your first knitting projects, in the comment section below.

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