How to Knit: Step-by-Step Tutorials for Beginners

Most beginner knitters learn how to cast-on and how to do the knit stitch right away. Then, when somebody mentions learning the purl stitch, they run for cover. I know, I know, you just started to feel comfortable knitting, and now people want to throw something new at you, and it’s scary. Let me put your mind at ease by saying, I promise, this stitch is not nearly as terrifying as you think. In fact, with a little bit of practice, I’m sure you’ll be purling like a professional in no time!


  • Knitting Needles. Make sure you have a set of knitting needles. Usually your pattern will tell you what size your needles should be, but for this tutorial, any size will work.
  • Yarn. Pick up one skein of yarn in any color you would like. Check to make sure the weight of your yarn corresponds with the size of the knitting needle you have chosen.

1. Cast On

Before you can start purling, you need to cast on. Most of the time, you will check with your pattern to find out how many stitches to cast onto your needle, but today we’ll just be working with ten cast-on stitches.

If you’re not quite sure how casting-on works, go ahead and check out our “How to Cast-on” quick tip tutorial, and then come on back and check out the next step.

2. Start Purling

It’s safe to say that when you start reading knitting patterns, especially those meant for beginners, you’ll quickly learn that knitting and purling are the two most common stitches in knitting. Once you’ve become proficient in both of these areas, you will find that a whole new world of stitch patterns and knitting projects has opened up to you.

Today, I’m going to help you learn how to purl, simply by purling each stitch in every row. Check out the video below and learn how to purl today!

Use Your Skills!

Learning how to purl is a genuine accomplishment, and one that you should celebrate! Why not celebrate by knitting up a project using your new skills, like this cute knit headband?

You might also like to try knitting this quick coffee cosy, or write a pattern of your own!

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